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MESH Nebulizer

Model                           : PN100
Method of Operation    : Mesh resonance
Dimension     : Approx. 74 x 40 x 113mm
Weight          : Approx. 129 ( batteries included)
Power Source  : Alkaline AA x 2 or 5V Adaptor
Power Consumption     : approx. 1.0W
Vibrating Frequency     : approx. 108KHz
Nebulizer Rate             : > 0.25ml/min 
Particle Size                 : MMAD < 5um
Medication Capacity    : 8ml max.
Low medication residue
Low battery detection
Recommended fill Volume : Approx. 8 ml maximum    ;    Approx. 0.5 ml minimum
Low power consumption   :
     Battery Life Up to 3 hour if used continuously (2“AA” (LR6) alkaline batteries)
Allows operation in all directions:
     upside down or tilted for up to  30 seconds
Detection if no medication or medication depleted  :
     LED indicator turn-on 10sec,  then power off 
An ergonomic design for medication chamber :
     with a 30deg leaned angle in the  bottom